Hartz Oinkies Bacon Flavor Wraps, 16 ct.

SKU: 114612


Hartz® Oinkies® Smoked Pig Skin Treats with Bacon Flavored Wrap are oven baked, savory pig skin wrapped with the irresistible flavor of BACON that dogs love! Satisfy your dog’s instinct to chew with this long-lasting, tasty treat. Now in a bone shape for even more chewing fun! Great for large dogs.

Oinkies® Smoked Pig Skin Treats are baked, then smoked and then backed AGAIN to lock in that rich, savory flavor that your dog can only get from Oinkies®.

Dual Flavor Treat: Smoky Pig Skin and Savory Bacon
No Rawhide
Highly Digestible
Dogs will finish the entire treat