Spice Islands Chipotle Chile Grinder, 2 oz.

SKU: 100961


To create the perfect chipotle chile, you actually start with a jalapeño. Once the jalapeño is ripened, it’s smoke-dried, transforming it from an ordinary jalapeño to a chipotle. Chipotles have the same intense kick as jalapeños but with a deep and smoky flavor.

Our Spice Islands® chipotle chile seasoning combines that flavor with sweet red peppers, onion, garlic, sea salt and other spices to give you a deliciously potent kick of heat.

Push in or pull out the convenient grinder cap to easily adjust the grind from a table-ready fine to a more coarse setting for cooking.

Fun Fact: Chipotle chiles are 10 times hotter than ancho chiles. But about 5 times milder than a habanero.